Modern Day Plantation: A Perspective

Daddy “O” and Lady “K” have a discussion on what a modern-day slavery system can actually look like in many of the organizations or systems we are connected to today. This will not be a sugar-coated discussion nor will some appreciate the terminology used in speaking truth concerning others that were actually considered the real “niggas” coming into a newfound land as indentured slaves. Speaking facts with truth do not make one a racist but stereotyping, prejudging aligned with a hate motive can state differently. The point of the discussion is to acknowledge many systems in place that make money off the backs of the poor, affecting many across the board that resembles what could be compared to modern-day slavery. Very few like to talk about racism or its existence until something (police brutality) happens and is given attention on a national level, the death of George Floyd was one of those incidents but not the only incident. “Real Life Real Truth” is a platform that seeks to expose and inform individuals concerning the many aspects of racism, what it may look like and how many are benefitting from the use of systemic or institutionalized racism that can very well have an association resemblance of modern-day slavery today.


The more one may know about their value and the contributions made to society by people that may look like them can add esteem that one may never have known before, one should know where they came from in order to determine where they want to go-understand and know of thyself to determine where you want to go. Find the connection with the still small voice for guidance through prayer and meditation from within. One can never get enough education or training, be sure to find something that you love doing and is good at to the point that you can market yourself. Increase your skills and find ways to make yourself marketable so that you are paid directly for services that are needed. Having your own business is one of the best ways to beat a system that is grounded or rooted in systemic or institutionalized racism while resembling or mirroring what can be called a modern-day plantation system. Lastly, take a look at your mindset, beliefs, and know your goals. Lady “K” once worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant while obtaining a Bachelor’s Of Science degree in Social Work. College may not be for everyone but it is important to obtain more knowledge and skills to become more marketable. Most times we have to do what we have to do in order to do what we want to do. I have known some that have stayed in positions as Nursing Assistants without ever-increasing their skills to expand in greater positions for marketing themselves to make more money. Let’s be clear, the true definition of self-sufficiency is not to rely on anyone but self when it comes to your livelihood including big organizations that will make their money off you because they need you. Organizations can only make money when people work for them but if and when your working for yourself, the money that is made becomes your own and not the profit of someone else. Going into business for self takes a lot of work and its important to learn all that entails going into business. One does not have to be perfect to go into business but it’s important to understand what talents, skills, or knowledge one has that can be beneficial to others in starting a business for yourself.

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