I Am Going On A Trip…What Kind Of Trip?

A Real Life Situation

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The funny thing about people is that when something rare is brought to the attention to share or talk about because it’s real life and there is truth-many get offended. So if a person may get offended about what is true but rarely talked about, who actually has the issue or problem? I can honestly say that Daddy “O” and I can talk about any and everything and we don’t claim to be perfect. We like to have real conversations and not many people do. We have a love for real people that are naturally just themselves without hurting someone else. I personally tend to distance myself from individuals that can not have real conversations about the real thing called life. Daddy “O” once mentioned a comment about “the world of make-believe” in regard to others pretending maybe certain things do not exist when they do. This website was created to show or talk about things that are not talked about but they exist and many may have experienced the same issue. I, Lady “K” understand that when you are not what others expect you to be they may fight against you tooth and nail because you are coming against their personal insecurities or limitations and it is better to point the finger outward for blame while the other finger may be pointing inward at themselves for the lack thereof.

Let’s be sure that it’s understood that this article is not about passing judgment or trying to air anyone dirty laundry. Real Life Real Truth blogs about real topics and issues that are rarely discussed and many love us for it and then there are those that only seek to find fault no matter what. There are possibly many today that have experienced the issue of “Another Man” described in the music video above and it is a real-life situation of an individual living a double life. The woman is discussing how she is discovering that her significant other may not be the person she thought she knew. This is not a black or white thing but a real experience thing that can come as a surprise to anyone that may have or had this real life experience. I am well aware of this type of situation on a personal level from a few close individuals and it’s not always women that may experience a significant other having a double life but a man can also discover that his significant women can also be leading a double life. Living a double life may never be easy unless it is consensual and understood by other parties involved, and without clear understanding, it can cause a lot of hurt. The truth of the matter is the fact that many people are living with significant others knowing that they have a double life and are okay with it. I have read an article before that spoke about spouses accepting that their significant had a unique double lifestyle and was fine with it. In the conversation below between myself and Daddy “O” we posed a social media question about “bro trips” compared to “girls trips” and if they are looked at the same. Daddy “O” takes the position as to say one may need to be careful about these so-called trips especially if one is married. I am thankful for the protection Daddy “O” has always demonstrated when it comes to myself and or my circle of friends because everyone that you may call a friend may not always be a friend but are close for other reasons. An aunt once told us that Daddy “O” and I always have to be each other eyes and ears because what one may not see the other one can and vice versa. Our marriage is foundational tight and we work hard for our marriage but we know there are some marriages and relationships that are not the same as ours.

A Conversation With Lady “K” and Daddy “O”

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