Feel This One!

From the very start, black people populated the world as the original people with bloodline heritage to Africa. Melanated (black and brown) people were branched out all over this planet, from the same root but with many different branches. A new thought conversation has risen about the “Black” Native Americans being the black people that […]

A False Narrative-The Pictures Resemble “Family” But They Are Not From Africa

https://imjustheretomakeyouthink.com/2016/08/28/98-of-african-americans-are-in-fact-native-indians-and-are-owed-millions The Aboriginal, Indigenous people of America are “Black” Native Americans. A false narrative idea is that all black people came to America from Africa by way of the Atlantic Slave trade is farthest from the truth. Black people are Native American people that were already in America before its discovery. It has been proven […]

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