What Happened Before The Actual Atlantic Slave Trade With Africa?

A Truth Left Out Of The American History Books: All Black People Did Not Come From Africa

Research has shown and proven that the original man and woman did come from Africa. However, there is nothing worst than being told a lie and then believing it in regard to how people came to a country that was already here from the beginning. One of the biggest lies told in American history books with so many other details left out was an inference belief that all black people came from Africa. The truth is that black people were already in America and they are the Aboriginal Indigenous Native people also known as Black Native Americans. The brainwashing of a people as if they all came from a specific continent is disturbing. The Black Native American slave trade started well before the African slave trade and American History has not respected those facts enough. A Black History month is minuscule for celebration when it comes to acknowledging the major contributions from a people that did not come on slave ships of the African Atlantic slave trade.

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