This Been Happening To My Family

The same stuff (police shooting) once again yet a different day. Many may wonder why does this continues to happen to brown and black people with no real policy changes to hold individuals accountable once it happens. Black skin does not give anyone a right to shoot and ask questions later. My thought is that the officer held the trigger on the gun long enough for seven rounds to come out of it, and that may sound like he was trying to kill the man for sure. Jacob Blake was shot seven times in front of his significant other and three children. I have never heard nor do I believe this would have ever happened to someone with white skin tone, although it has been stated that a white young man was killed by another officer in the same police department. Any aggressive police act is unacceptable no matter what color you are and most of the cases for police shootings involve usually black or brown people and mainly males. I share the same sentiment with his sister in this video in regard to “this keeps happening to my family” and it continues to happen. So many people feel that the Ameican justice system does not care about black or brown people because there is no accountability when these actions are done by police officers. Daddy “O’ and I recently talked about the underline modern-day slavery systems of today. The police are getting away with killing black and brown people just the same as they were being hung during slavery with no consequences, the U.S. justice system mirrors the same when it comes to the police killings of black and brown people today.

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