This past week Daddy “O” and I opened up an online store called that supports love for being black or brown. This entire platform has supported a love for black and brown people and a dislike for racist people. As the online store is in a polishing stage the messages are inter winded within the “Real Life Real Truth” platform for the love and support of melanin people. I originally had this shirt designed to say “I Love Brown People” but it did not say “I Love Black And Brown People” which seems to be a term used for melanin people. In the online store, we have several different t-shirts, hoodies, and hats with several different logos on it supporting “Black Lives Matter”. I feel like I have had a tough time getting some to understand the “Real Life Real Truth” brand when it comes to talking about racism and exposing racism. I have come off sometimes raw on social media for a straight forward concept of anti-racism with the truth but I have admitted my own bias to brown and black people for lifting them up due to the fact that it’s not done enough and the negative narrative of them (Us) that appears to be accepted by society. Speaking the truth does not make one a racist but name-calling and stereotypes with prejudice can suggest otherwise. When one knows the truth of themselves and about themselves then no one can tell them about themself. The store has something in it for everyone, was not trying to create a racist store but rather a store that supports positive designs supporting black and brown people. There is one thing for sure and that is we should show love and respect to our allies because they have not chosen to be enemies but to stand with black and brown people for what is right and just and not just to make it look good to do such. When someone wants to stand with you when they could easily not stand with you because they do not have to, we should acknowledge it for what it is and not be fooled. We are not talking about the ones that tolerate black or brown people because they may need them but the ones that speak up and pull up when it comes to black and brown people. Many white people understand that we live in a racist society and have no problem speaking on it and calling it like it is but what and where is the “action” for getting rid of the problem when it comes to racial social injustices? I was given the “Real lIfe Real truth” platform over three years ago from an experience pertaining to racism and Daddy “O” and I was talking about other social issues such as “single fathers” and “voting”. It was like the platform pertaining to racism took a mind of its own and I am okay with it because it could not have come at a better time once Donald Trump was elected as president.

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