During The Verdict And Entire Trial……The Blank Facial Expressions That States; “We Are In Deep Shit, Our Citizens Arrest Was Wrong And We Killed An Innocent Man”


Real Life Real Truth Theme Message Music: Envogue “Free Your Mind”

Some do not realize how the American judicial system has been such a disservice when it comes to black and brown people to the point that many believe that there are actually two different judicial systems-one for whites and one for whites. When an unarmed individual receives the justice deserved for being mistreated by anyone that may be armed, abusing their power and authority, or just doing their job with selected bias and or personal bias issues- the verdict outcome for justice served is and many times celebrated. Too many innocent people have lost their lives by people simply doing their jobs or by people that think they are protecting their community by taking matters into their own hands. The Real-Life Real Truth theme message music song Free Your Mind” above by Envouge speaks clearly on how crazy individuals can look at a person judge them and use stereotypes about them without knowing who they really are. In the case of Ahmuad Albery, he was stereotyped as a young black man that was jogging with the assumption that he committed a crime or was doing something wrong. In order to free one’s mind of stereotypes a “mindset” change of how people are viewed must be mentally fixed and experiences are real but it does not mean that ethnic individuals can not be discriminate or prejudge others as well. Many times I think we all have to be able to see in the box, outside and around the box when looking at the social construct of race.

Funk Does Not Discriminate…Is Nor Prejudice or Racist

Funk Comes From All Shapes Sizes And Colors

This is not a suggestion to buy but insight into some that may want to appear that they value inclusion, diversity, equity or equality but do they really? What kind of money is being invested by many retailers to ensure attributes of diversity, inclusion, equity or equality? What does the employee personnel represent and is the marketing only to intice the dollar of diversity yet the company does not represent diversity or inclusion? I did some research before posting the Duluth Trading Company and the findings were questionable in our view of where they actually stand. Too many times black and brown people patronize businesses that can care less about the wellbeing or the advancement of a people by their investment dollars representing to go against the grain. I recently had an Italian women ask me “why do black or brown people support individuals that do not have the best interest of black or brown communities” she begin to name several designer companies that had made racist comments about how their products were not created for black or brown people yet black and brown people spend more money on their products than any other race. Some designers are where they are financially because a black or brown person in the urban community starting wearing their designs. I had no answer for the Italian women asking me that question but I understood her inquiring point completly. I had another conversation with a black women who was stating “people need to research where they are spending their money before they spend it” Why should money be spent with a company that does not align with the same values or morles as my own. Their is one national retailer that employes lots of immigrant and ethnic people but the immigrants and the people of various ethnicities were not being treated with the respect that they deserve even though they were employed and the retail chain had several class action law suites against them. Its empowering to understand that the ethnic dollar is powerful but that’s another “mindset perspective change that is needed in order for many to follow through…..for we all have the right to say Funck No!.

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