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Prince Harry And Megan Markle Interview With Oprah Winfrey

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The Real Life Real Truth website is a blog and many times bloggers provide an opinionated view of a topic for a conversation and discussion (please provide your comments below) and one of the things that this blog has talked about and stood against is racism. Thanks for your donated support of those that stand with this platform.

The anticipated interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was an eye-opener real-life experience that forced them to change their lives and leave the Royals and the palace behind. Oprah dug deep as much as possible to get answers from conducting the first hour of the interview with Meghan and the second hour of the interview was joined by Prince Harry. So many times during the interview Meghan seem to be uncomfortable talking about her experiences with living in the Roayl family as if it was a life that she could not or would never understand. No one ever knows what a person goes through until most times the person sits down with someone and tells their truth and story. Meghan spoke about how the tabloids would lie on her and use reverse psychology to make it seem as if she was the bad horrible person when actually it was the other way around from the way she was being treated. I recall someone on a talk show last week as the smear campaign heated up about Meghan Markel with stating lets “keep it real” the reason Meghan is being treated this way was that she is black- the underline real issue. One of the biggest parts that stuck out for me in listening to the interview was how there were talks about how Meghan and Prince Harry’s son Archie was not going to be treated the same as the other children within the Royal family with not being titled as a Prince or being protected safely with security. Meghan and Prince Harry also stated that there were actual conversations about what would be the actual color of their son Archie’s skin tone. I, lady “K” have discussed racism within the Real Life Real Truth blog and colorism is a major part of when you may treat someone entirely different based on skin tone. The unspoken truth about his interview is that Harry or Meghan never wanted to admit that what they were experiencing was racism but because so many of us know what the experience and the practice of racism are all about-for many it doesn’t come as a surprise. In the recording below with Lady “K” and Big “A” (she is not big at all but prefers “big” over “little”) we have a conversation about racism and how it’s viewed by her dominated white high school classmates from her perspective. Big “A” and I have many conversations about racism and she has told me of her own personal experiences while working with the public at Mcdonalds and she understands its ignorance. I must say my daughter has long beautiful natural hair and just so happen today at work my daughter told me that a coworker (white girl) complimented her hair and said “you have beautiful hair for a black girl” and immediately my daughter said she told her don’t ever say anyone has beautiful hair for being black just say “you have beautiful hair”. Another experience she told me about was of a customer telling her six-year-old daughter that she did not like dark people while being sure she did not touch my daughter’s hand while giving her money for the food that was ordered and my daughter said “mom she was not very light herself nor am I very dark” and all I told her was comments like that is always a reflection of others and their ignorance and never of who you are. The school Big “A” attends provides a quality education even though her race is not the majority but she has managed well and will be better prepared for the real world due to the fact that she may have a better understanding of how people that may not look like she does operate from just attending school with them and she balances well while telling many of them (her classmates) in their ignorance exactly what they need to hear. Daddy “O” and I believe that she will be better equipped to deal with what the real world may present to her from just being in an environment in dealing with others that may look different from what she does and it has not taken her away from the core of who she is or how she relates to her own culture. Racism is alive and some think that it should not be talked about and rather believe it does not exist but most times for the ignorance of racism (not everyone is ignorant of their racism, many purposely operate in it for the sake of their own or others having white privilege while superficially inflating themselves, friends, family members and even strangers that look like them over others) one has to tell it and call it out for what it is. The Prince Harry Meghan Markle interview with Oprah sheds light on the Royal family’s actions and behavior for how allegedly Meghan Markel was being treated. According to the interview, Meghan and Prince Harry did not fit the Royal norm forcing them to get out and establish a simple American life of their own and they seem to be glad about it.

A Conversation With Lady “K” and Big “A”

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