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I am delighted and pleased to congratulate again but now officially the newly elected President and Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The “Real Life Real Truth” platform wishes them peace and blessings as they journey into a new era and administration. The road for Joe and Kamala from the start of the election in 2020 to the day of their certification has not been easy, yet they held on and stayed focused while many false accusations were thrown at them as part of their democratic party but yet they still held on and remained focused. Safety and security should and must continue to be of the highest importance just for them to their jobs in the US capital. With everything that has happened with the most recent security breach that took place in the congress building, I personally would have more certified or and noncertified true allies, ethnic or all-black security teams. I added and mention true allies because we must understand that not all white people are racist people and some are equally disgusted about the hate groups that stormed into the congress building. After the most recent incident of breaching the entire security that took place in the capital with rioting and breaking in the congress building, I am not surprised if many may wonder who can they trust if security was thought to be but not demonstrated to be the most important issue for protecting the senate on a day to certify an election. Maxine Waters, a democratic house representative stated she believed and confirmed all security measures were in place days before the presidential certification due to the sensitivity of many regarding the task at hand. It appears that Trump is trying to start a civil war before he leaves office only because he did not win the 2021 presidential election. A Trump crowd was already expected and the entire scene looked as if it was underestimated and allowed according to the look of security preparedness. The contrast in all of this is when the Black Lives Matter had protested all last year, security most times involved the military on-site but according to news reports this time it took almost four hours for the military to be on-site at the congress building while the rioting was already taken place. In all “realness” one working or living in the area may actually wonder who can they trust as their lives were jeopardized for simply trying to do their job, not the best feeling while living or working in a place that should have the best security protection in the country. We wish the best for this new presidential administration and hopefully, security measures are the focus for never seeing anything like The Congress Riot of 2021 ever happen again.

The First Women To Hold The Seat As US Vice President

What an exciting time many are looking forward to in the selection and now certified Black, Indian, Jamaican, African, South East Asia melanated beautiful Vice President Kamala Devi Harris. Kamala Harris is a demonstration of what is possible when it comes to young black and brown girls. Kamala (we share the same first name by the way) Harris will be hopefully supported by a democratic house while making her job a little more pleasant and easier. One of the Tasks of Kamala Harris as Vice President would be to break ties for any 50-50 votes in the Senate. Some of the issues that Harris worked on while in the senate and running for the office of president included DREAM Act and immigration reform along with raising issues pertaining to women and people of color. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden seem to have a friendly position in working together as Vice President and President. Harris may be one of Biden’s main advisors and she could possibly lead a lot of congressional meetings if Biden is not able to attend. With Biden now being seventy-seventy years old, Harris makes a great back up for if he shall do one term. Following one term of a Biden administration, Harris could very well end up as the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination in 2024, her record as vice president would set the tone for a future presidential run.

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