No One’s Gonna Love You Better Than You Do-Nobody!

Self Love

Real Life Real Truth Theme Message: S.O.S Band: No One Is Gonna Love You

Another reason to love this website is because of the music that is incorporated with either conversation between Daddy “O” and myself Lady “K” thanks to the permission given by a major music production company and the ties with the youtube channel. Whenever we use music I like to call it Real Life Real Truth theme message music while providing a theme message with the song. Our hope is that we give a variety of views or perspectives on various topics that can be enlightening, informing, inspiring, or uplifting. If you love old school music, this is the place to come for a dose of what you may have never heard or considered listening to but yet the words speak volumes to your spirit, uplifts, and make you feel good. Today we need anything that can speak to us in a way that keeps us centered on the most important person and that is ourselves along with the spiritual aspect of our being, this song can especially be looked at from a higher self spiritual component as a reminder for who and what is always most important. Most times we give to others before we give to ourselves and we have to be reminded of our importance to our own life while we may always be giving of our selves in affecting the lives of others, but once we give and give and give we can be left empty if we don’t take the time to recoup, align and build our selves once again. No one is gonna love you as you love yourself. Many that know this song may take this song as a meaning for romantic love but there are several songs that I will share with you with complete commentary that will get you back to that place of self-love and centeredness- and this song is one of them. Many of you loved the song “Nobody Can Be You” by Steve Arrington and the song celebrates a person embracing, loving, and celebrating who they are. Nobody can love you better than yourself and the song says “rate my love from 1 to 10 and I am sure you will give it 12” Some of us may not love ourselves like we are a 12 because some of us may think of it as selfish to love ourselves in a way that put ourselves in front of anyone else, but as the saying goes how can you be any good to anyone else when you are not any good to the most important person there is and that is to yourself. Staying centered on who is most important even when we many times may become off track because of our spouse, other family members, or kids that may need of us, not to mention our jobs. Self-love is invigorating when you look at ways to remind yourself of who you are and the value of loving self holds. Nobody will ever love you as you love yourself. I have heard someone say that someone has loved them when they could not even love themselves and I do believe that is possible but once an individual can see or feel the love for themselves via songs, places, or their favorite movie can always be a true expression and underlined meaning in a true expression of love for self oppose to anyone else. Enjoy while knowing and realizing that no one knows you and can love you better than you.

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