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Today officially starts another trial in the death of an unarmed black person with the hope that justice will be served. In 2020 there were three people given national attention for their unruly deaths (Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd along with others) and many are once again believing in justice accountability. The police officer on trial is Derek Chauvin who reportedly has a long history of violence as an officer. The jury for the trial is diverse but it seems to appear that the defense team will try to prove that George Floyd did not die by the knell on his neck (9 minutes and 29 seconds that cut off his air circulation with yelling “I Can’t Breath” while being handcuffed, peeing on himself, nose bleeding, calling for his already deceased mom and telling his children he loved them as others watched pleading with the officer to get off his neck before George Floyd became unconscious) but by other possible unforeseen medical or drug-related causes for the reason of creating reasonable doubt with the jury. I picked the theme message music song “Waiting On The World To Change” with lyrics by John Mayer because it seems that more people are pushing for a world of people that do not treat individuals differently based on skin tone the more things in the world especially with racism just stays the same. Was the kneeling on the neck of George Floyd racially motivated while he was handcuffed and pleading he could not breathe, many would say yes, and would ask if the officer would have done the same thing if he George Floyd was white. The good news is that some are realizing the truth concerning racism while the new disguised racism is to be silent, live in the bubble, say people are playing the victim, and actually say that racism doesn’t exist while continuing to treat people differently according to their skin tone. The sad part is that some are okay with the underlining root of racism (treating people differently based on skin tone) as long as they are benefited and feel superior while others may feel inferior and inequality becomes the measure for protecting white privilege. Now, if you are reading this blog and none of these shoes fit and you have a strong sense of outrage over the way others are treated based on race or skin tone, then you may also know this article is about putting a necessary light on what is barely talked about when it comes to racism. The Real Life Real Truth opinionated blog reflecting truth is to enlighten for more awareness but never as authoritative. Talking about racism is uncomfortable for some and others may be glad that someone is talking about racism’s existence. Many have experienced racism and many people are racists and some would say “Yes, I am racist and there is nothing you can do about it” and I would say please be sure you tell that to your maker when you meet him or her on the other side. In a world of many different people of various ethnicities and different skin tones, one must realize that people must change their own mindset along with how they choose to see others that do not look like them while letting go of ignorance, unlearning, or relearning individually in order for the world to change collectively when it comes to racism

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