Perspectives For “Mindset Change” Against Racism

Among many other specific topics that I Lady “K” have blogged about through music, current events, and other shared real-life experiences. A few weeks ago we posted these videos to give insight on thoughts and views regarding a “mindset change” when it comes to racism, I knew there was a lot to share with my perspective. Since personally experiencing issues that spoke racism, I have taken some interest in sharing many different aspects of what it could look like in an effort for people to further understand the deep ignorance of racism that some may internally hide. I hope you know that some people are racist and do not realize they are or acting in a way that may be racist. Most minds have become conditioned to be controlled by what we see or hear. We have to be careful about what we are feeding ourselves by how we place our attention, yes awareness is good but we have to learn to see things from different angles when focusing our attention. Change starts in the mind and I believe it’s an at-will choice to change a mindset but it’s not easy. Many of the things Daddy “O” and I talk about and or then I Lady “K” write about is an opinion that some may share and others may not but with just an understanding that everyone is entitled to their opinion (thoughts, ideas, views, or perspective). One thing for sure is that there can always be shared truth when it comes to an opinion and not many care to hear truths that may align with a person’s actions or behaviors that may suggest the same. Realization is when someone accepts the truth or their own truth. In relation to racism, these videos share many different aspects in exposing many various views to come against racism.

Innocence of children has no clue when it comes to color most times all they want to do is play together unless they are told otherwise. Kids are innocent until society constructs them via television and other image resources on how one is to be treated according to skin tone. The best teacher for kids is their own parents when going against or supporting racism. The more kids can see how their parents react or interact with others that may look or are different from them teaches the child how to best interact with those that may have opposite skin tones than their own.

Desegregation Of Schools

I have so much respect for individuals that get out of their comfort zones in making a point to understand another culture for intermingling. Some people are always thinking black and white-only blacks do this or only whites do that but that kind of mindset can be limited. There are many activities that blacks or whites can do because who is to say that there are certain activities that are only for whites or only for blacks (camping, eating sweet potato pie, snowmobiling, jet skiing, etc…) Daddy “O” and I have done many things that some would say only white people do that. There are also some things that black people do not think any other culture shall do but their own (braids, certain clothing, etc…). In all of this exchange in culture, I think that being respectful and not doing something with an intent to mock is what’s most important no matter what one does. Unfortunately whenever someone may be considered a minority their can be people that bully the minority by saying many different remarks that may speak racism. Many people think that only white people can be racist but that is not true. When some black people are not used to being around white people and a white person may appear in an all-black group-it may cause some discomfort and vice versa for when whites are not used to being around a black person in a group of whites but at the end of the day none of this should matter but just being yourself. When someone may be different, outnumbered or not, and if they are not taught to accept the differences of others while being comfortable in their own skin can create issues pertaining to racism if it’s about someone of another color. The way to change one’s own mindset is to discover what is true about the individual as opposed to thinking only about what you were conditionally taught without ever being around to better understand the life or experiences of another.

Not many may understand what a parent or parents may go through to be sure that their child is cared for and given what they may consider the best education at that time for the child. The earlier a child is in school the better the possible outcome for the future of that child with getting an early head start. Parents must do the best they can with guiding their child’s education until the child make their own decisions to do or be who they want to be. All education is not the same (City, Suburbs, Private, Boarding Schools, Religious Schools), and unfortunately, some school districts are not given the same resources as other school districts therefore many black parents do whatever it takes to be sure their child receives a better education. In this video, I am not sure if the parents are paying for the young ladies to attend this prep school but you will see that they compare that school to other schools they once attended. Many parents make changes in their lives to ensure that their child has a decent education by moving, ubering, dropping their kids off to school every day, or being sure that someone else can. Data has shown that some black kids have performed better in schools that were desegregated (mostly white) as opposed to being segregated (all black). In certain cases and school districts, there are schools that are all black and they performed equally or better than some all-white districts without the comparison of equal resources. The social component that adds to anyone that may be outnumbered in an all-white school or all-black school is the ability at a young age to develop oneself in understanding what kind of person or group they really may be without the need to develop fear or a sense of inferiority. I champion desegrated schools by offering the best educational resources to all and not just some. The other side to being black in a majority white school is other black people that may reside in the city may feel a little different when being around you because maybe your mindset expansion has gone beyond them. In this video, the ladies have gotten accused of talking white when they explain is that they were just taught how to speak properly because most of the people that they may talk to in school have a different talking style. Nothing is worst than being told you “act white” or “talk white” when you are a black person-there are other words that are used for that too (tokenism, uncle tom, whity, white girl, or white boy) especially when you know and feel that you are just as black as the next person. I grew up with a very diverse group of friends from kindergarten through high school. I never was only friends with all whites and I was not only friends with all blacks. I have attended all-white schools and I have attended all-black schools. Having balance is an asset for me and anyone that can show their child differences as opposed to always the same expands the brain for an altering of one’s mindset.

Speaking Out

Taking a stand against racism is powerful when a young person or young people come together to make a statement against it. These last two videos show how young people are directly speaking out against racism. Many white students stood with black students to state that a George Floyd challenge is never funny or acceptable while understanding that actual life was taken from the ignorant was just a joking demonstration. These students found it to be highly disrespectful as many others thought the same way. The second video has a young white girl standing up to her parents that makes racist statements. the irony in the second video is the fact that even if one as a white person works in the ghetto (as the father states in the video)-they truly have no understanding of the people that reside where they work. Many understand and believe that some white people work in the inner city for many different reasons and in some cases, it may not always be for a black person’s betterment especially if one complains about them as opposed to being humble and grateful to help them. The daughter seemed to have her own ideas, thoughts, and perspectives that can be passed down differently to her own children than what maybe her parents were taught because the daughter has demonstrated a different mindset than her parents about black people.

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