Mindset vs Cultural Diversity, Inclusion And Racism

Real Life Real Truth: “Can You Handel The Truth”

How does one have internal racism and yet work in an all-black community? I could never understand the rationale of where one comes and works in the black community but treats or has set opinions that do not support the black community. I, Lady “K’ have worked in the human service field for over eight years and have come across individuals that were not as compassionate working in the black community. Coming to work in the black community most times requires a compassionate heart and mind but some individuals become desensitized to where they work simply because of where they traveled from to get to their job, some may live in the suburbs but work in the black community. Sometimes I believe that some who come and work in the black community feel like they want to give and contribute and other times it appears that some come to work in the black community to artificially inflate themselves as being better while looking down on the vulnerable population and service needs of others. A video I watched and blogged about a while ago was about a white teenager telling her dad about men in the black community and how they were being marginalized when it came to police brutality. In the video, it appeared that she had more compassion concerning the black community than her dad who worked in the black community. He stated that he worked in the ghetto and all he could see were individuals looking for handouts, wanting to drink or do drugs. Many understand that there are some hard-working individuals that reside in the black community, you may have working single moms or dads and they may be in school bettering themselves while being supported by human service providers but yet there are more individuals that are not black receiving welfare benefits and an opioid prescription drug crisis that is going on by individuals that do not reside in the black community.

Some know that I Lady “K” am a blogger that speaks on many different things and one thing that I love speaking on is bias and racism. Many are beginning to understand that racism is a mental issue for how one may see and or treat individuals based on personal belief. Many of us have biases, if you are Black you may be biased towards Black people, if you are Muslim you may be biased towards Muslim people, if you consider yourself Spanish then you may be biased toward Spanish people and if you are White you may be biased towards White people. All of us have or have once operated in a biased matter whether we would truly like to admit it or not. Some groups have more biased used against them than what some other groups do and the experiences are real. One thing I have noticed since doing the work in standing up against racism and bias is the fact that if you address it (biases or racism) then the person addressing it becomes accused of having an attitude or the person with the issue. I have had someone at work so uncomfortable with me addressing an issue of biased that she simply just tried to lie and defend herself out of the situation when that is not what happened. I realize some people do not like to be called in or out when they have displayed themselves to be biased or racist. In the world we live in today, the only way to deal with racism is by addressing it or pointing it out simply because you have individuals that really don’t understand when they are operating in a racist or biased type of way. I have actually heard individuals say “I am racist and there is nothing you can do about it!” as if that is something to be proud of when it comes to how you treat others. Another issue I have seen (again, the only way to address racism or bias is by showing people what it looks like) and realizing the truth that comes with this racism bias mental concept is the “superiority” part. In keeping it real…. black people did not come up with the “superiority” concept or the lighter you are the better along with if your mom or dad is white then you have “privilege”. When a person has been mentally groomed to believe that they are more “superior” than others (yes, this is taught, learned, and supported by some) coming against that “mindset” can be as if one’s brain is in need of a surgical procedure to fix that warped way of thinking. People have to begin to understand that racism and bias is a mental way of seeing and or doing things, some understand what they are doing and there are many that do not understand what they are doing until its pointed out. I have no problem pointing out and standing up for what appears racist or biased and I welcome anyone pointing out and doing the same for me and just telling me that I have a nasty or bad attitude because I do not tolerate racism or bias won’t do anything for me or the person that may think they are doing themselves a favor. I Lady “K” seem to get along with genuine people that know how to treat, respect, and do not think they are superior to others. I can appreciate a person that sincerely values diversity, equity, and equality but unfortunately, some want you to think they stand for these social attributes when they truly do not. Racism issues can be easily developed when a group of people particularly black or white have never been around any other race but their own. I have seen blacks be uncomfortable with white people the same way I have seen white people be uncomfortable with blacks due to a lack of experience with them or negative experiences with either group. I have been pointing out biases and anything that may be looked at as racist and again would love for anyone to do the same for me because we all have biases or have once operated in a biased way for a group that we are more fond of over another or anything pertaining to our own group that we may belong.

I recently attended a Diversity All Inclusion training and after the entire hour of the training, I actually felt I did not get anything out of it because it was too textbook with added definitions that can be self-explained. I guess according to the company, the training meets the diversity all-inclusive training requirements for its employees but the training did not give real-life scenarios for what diversity, inclusion along with what racism truly looks like and how to fix mindset. The workplace is most times where people display their racism or biases and another name for this is called institutionalized racism. As always some understand what they are doing when it comes to supressing, oppressing being biased, or racist when it comes to others when they do it and others may not. In pointing out biases and standing against racism in the workplace, I recently had someone say to me “I do not see how I am biased” and I just simply said, “I will be sure to point out so that you can see exactly what being biassed or racist look likes”. When being serious about standing up or against racism and if the person really cares about not operating in that manner….it has to be pointed out and that takes a strong person that is not afraid to stand or speak up and understands what it means to be neutral, antiracist, and anti biased. I have found that not everyone likes to be told that they are racist or biased but the truth can never lie if and when a racist or biased situation appears. I Lady “K” have had the opportunity to grow up and deal with people that were not only from my group and I have no tolerance for anyone being mistreated just simply because they may not represent another group. I have spoken up for different groups and have a broad understanding of many groups and their cultural customs by choice. I do not believe that any race is more superior to any other and respect is always due to the most dominating culture that has built civilizations without having to steal, kill or destroy to obtain it- its history……Real Life Real Truth.

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