An Inside Truth Yet Hilarious Conversational View On Racism

As many of us already know that some people are racist and do not understand that the actions they take or the things that they say maybe racist. This is a conversation that takes a close look at how racism is a “mindset” and can be changed by choice. I love how an emphasis is placed on relationships with another person of a different race or color that can begin to change one’s “mindset” from what was so embedded before. To be racist is by choice and most are taught to be racist from language discussed concerning another person’s ethnicity or color. I Lady “K” learned most recently that to be raised a racist does not mean that one will always be a racist but it takes a person to want to look beyond what they may see while examining the ignorance or lies once taught or told. Embedded racism can possibly be hard to shake mentally and can easily seep out when one tries to hide it. Because race has been socially constructed to keep some believing that they are better or greater than others due to skin tone, many attitudes, actions and beliefs can be seen as just plain stupid (no disrespect to the women in this video sharing the honest views they know are truths) when viewing a conversation that has nothing to do with the character of who a person really may be. Towards the end of this video institutional racism is explained by many policies or rules that are put in place within an organization with allowing others or individuals to use a form of “silent racism” while doing their jobs.

This conversation gives a funny but not so funny inside view of how some people actually really think about others when it comes to racism. Exposure is not meant to be an insult but can be a learning experience for many.

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