Evil Mindset Filled With Hatred VS Mental Health Issues

Is a person born evil and filled with hatred or and are they taught to be evil with an embrace of hatred….nature vs nurture? I once took a class on a university campus that explored the sensitivity of the developing embryo and fetus in the womb. I discovered how much development takes place in the growing fetus within a mother’s womb along with other aspects of fetal development DNA and chromosome placement. Sometimes mental health issues are already put in place well before an individual may realize they have a mental health defect on many different levels and other times it can be created from experiences and social environments that can cause anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder that can also be supported by genetic traits and biological disorder for social norms. I have heard the term “evil is not born its created” and on many levels, it is up to any individual to make a mental decision on how they can change their own mental ideologies that do not support evil by killing innocent people or causing harm and issues based on who someone may be, what they look like or what they believe. In cases of hatred taught by human nature or nurtured, I can honestly see how Eugenics (the selection of desired heritable characteristics in order to improve future generations, typically in reference to humans) can easily be a point of reference when dealing with individuals that embrace and already have a possible human social defect in their DNA when it comes to their ideas in hurting or causing issues for innocent people in order to keep a mental level of created superficial superiority that is in many cases embraced by evil (racism, exclusion-ism, and discrimination of races based by immoral choice).

The mind is a powerful organ and whatever the feed can many times determine the outcome. On May 14, 2022, a young man pre-meditated for months a shooting that would take place in a black community grocery store while actually apologizing to a white employee or store patronage during his killing spree for not killing him. The demented young man even had a conversation with a black man a few days prior who stated that he would have never thought the eighteen-year-old was racist and the inference is that you never really know how people feel about you until one’s actions may demonstrate or reveal their truth. I have had this platform for a few years and most times this platform has spoken on many different things including racism. Others keep wanting to act as if it doesn’t exist but it does due to deep mental fears, abuse, or misuse of power and authority. In my own personal experiences, individuals that are racist are walking around with many personal issues related to racism that some others may have no clue that they have racist issues and why? Some would say that black people have a right to be angry and racist because blacks have been more on the receiving end of racism and discrimination than any other group based on some ignorance of a color-constructed social concept coupled with the real fear of a black planet and therefore acts of violence, discrimination, and exclusion-ism based on race is made their norm while smiling in the faces of those that are viewed as the opponent according to some of their beliefs and theories. The sad part of all of this is that there are others walking around in silence while supporting and internally cheering on the sick act of violence in Buffalo of innocent people when it comes to others that simply are not who they wish they were or actually could be. In summary, you truly never know who is playing crazy and or who may truly in fact be crazy but yet act as if they really like people that may just look totally different from themselves. Trying to play God for a sense of control is inevitable and the cold-blooded act in Buffalo will only and always be displayed as evil whenever killing or selectively mistreating innocent people.

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