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Greetings!….once again as I blog on many different aspects of life good, bad ugly, and indifferent. I, Lady “K” choose not to let many things that are happening around the world affect me including the actions of others meant for evil (I personally just move on, and know “Karma” will take care of the rest) but I can not always just turn a blind eye and act as some things just do not exist. Some will say what one gives their attention to grows and I also understand that having the ability to see things from various perspectives can create a space for growth mentally and emotionally without one thinking that there is just one way to view or see anything. I have had my own way of bringing awareness to my platform pertaining to how others are treated based on their many attributes of themselves as an individual and one thing I have noticed by far is if anyone is really wanting to impact change in a community they must genuinely and honestly sit down with those of that community and ask them what is it that they need and or want. High school training and apprentice programs for trades such as plumbing, electrician, and construction can offer support to many so they can earn money in a skilled trade while apprenticing and in school. I remember the co-op program I was in that allowed me to work half a day and attend school half day. I have noticed that most times officials are quick to come up with their own solutions to what they view as a problem but never sit and ask the community what they may believe they need and provide follow-through to support their voices. The city I currently reside in has received millions due to it being ranked high in poverty and most recently it seems like an outcry for help by individuals is getting younger and younger. Most recently a young boy in the community I grew up in was not treated as a child with an issue but was rather treated with an attitude of “here we go again!.” It was embarrassing that such a video went viral and to know that I reside within that city. I have been talking about others having “selective” issues which means that the way they may treat one person does not mean it is the way they treat everyone and it could be based on race, color, gender, or religion. The funny thing about any or all of this is one’s ability or willingness to see a change necessary while choosing to address it head-on. There is always a positive impact solution to every problem and one of the ways to make a positive impact is by finding a way to meet people where they are by listening and genuinely deciding to support positive solutions for change otherwise it just becomes meaningless money spent without any positive meaning measurable results for change. A commitment to measurable change can be mirrored by those that have had success and most times it means getting to the root. I had a recent conversation with Daddy “O” and we talked about breaking “family cycles”. To break a family cycle is just deciding to do it differently from what you were taught or learned especially when you see that your actions are providing the same results or outcomes from one generation to the next. Most times kids can do better or more than what their parents or grandparents did if the parent is committed to breaking the “family cycle” by doing something or rearing their child differently but it takes one choosing to have that slightly different mindset from what they were taught, learned or believed. We are all-powerful creatures and have the ability to change and embrace change by choice. Effecting positive change will not always affect everyone because it also takes one having the mental capacity to receive or allow oneself to change. Positive change for growth is good if and only if one will understand the actual power the mind holds for effecting positive change and growth.

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