Socially Building A Positive Healthy Mind

So many people have a biological defect that comes from their DNA makeup that may cause not normal behaviors…notice I did not say that have mental health issues because we never know who has mental health issues and do not because they look so normal and may even from time to time be in a person’s face as if they are normal. These are people that will create issues or lie on you to make themselves look better. I recently tried to have a conversation with a so-called good friend about how it’s a disservice to a child if a parent decides not to expose the child to other cultural groups that may look different from themselves in order to learn how to get along, work or understand that group that may be different than one’s own. I understand that one may not always be able to make decisions for a person to attend a school with a different group because they may not live in the suburb or the inner city and the quality of education may be vastly different. I have been grateful to give my child the opportunity to attend school with other groups that may be different than her own because ultimately she will have to work with and learn to get along with groups that will look different from herself. In a conversation, I mentioned that if a parent was to ask me what is the best thing to do to support my child not to grow up allowing the media to shape how she may see people of different groups than her own, I would say expose them to other groups or different cultural customs that may represent differently from what they know or have known, getting out of comfort zones so that in turn they can have a better mindset or understanding of individuals that is not just part of their own group for the sake of not passing judgment. I am thankful for my ability to have various friends and acquaintances that may represent different from who I may be but I know that many can not say the same because they would only choose black or they may only choose white and it can be viewed as racist or bias. Let’s make this clear: a black person can be just as biased or racist as someone who may not be black and a person of a certain group can be racist or biased against any other and all groups. Anyone can demonstrate being biased rather they may know it or not….intentional or unintentional, the first step is, to be honest with oneself by admitting one’s own truth. If it means anything to you, what are some of the ways that you can instill within yourself or your child when it comes to socially build a positive healthy mind?

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