The Unpolitical Brittney Griner: Set The Captives Free

I Lady “K” have watched this story for the past few months and have found it unfortunate to know that a person can be caught in something that has more to do with a “political” picture than it has to do with the person itself. Brittney appears to be used as a pawn for political reasons that she may never fully understand. I have listened to many news reports, and she seems disconnected from the underlying fight that has nothing to do with her career or her as a person but yet she is being used. Brittney has a wife and kids along with many family members that love her and from what I have read about her she has not led a life of being political. Brittney Griner is open about her chosen sexuality and none of it has anything to do with the two countries and their political war. Brittney has given to a country through sportsmanship by traveling from her home country with possibly forgetting about having legal vaping cartridges from her home with vaping and CBD oil are legal. In taking a stance for Brittney, it appears that she is being treated unfairly based on a war that has nothing to do with the life that she has created and has thus far lived. Brittney appears to have a love for basketball and many should focus on her love for basketball along with her contribution and not try to paint a picture that is greater than what she actually stands for because there are others that many knows have done and are doing far greater.

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