White On White Still Does Not Make It Right

Hello Everyone!….. Daddy “O” and I have many conversations and when the first video in this blogging article first aired on one of our favorite morning news networks, all I can hear Daddy “O,” say was oh!…oh!…ahh! and I was in another room but I asked him what was going on and he said you have got to see this video of officers beating the hell out of this man. Now, we know that this is not the first police brutality beating video and unfortunately we also know that it will not be the last but rather police brutality is on a white person or a black person, it does not and will not ever make it right. The difference between the two (blacks or whites receiving police brutality) has been the rise in death when it has come to a white officer interacting with a black person in custody ususally male as opposed to a white person in custody but many have gotten beaten regardless if they may be white or black. The last video in this blog is an attempt by an officer to stop the harassment of another officer regarding a black man taken into custody and how commendable of her to stand up to the officer only for him to turn on her for taking the rightful stand. I asked Daddy “O” what is this with officers and are police officers just taking out thier stress on others and he states that he believes that it can partly be just an abuse of power and authority simply because the officers “think” they can. Abuse of power and authority is not only a white thing. I have heard that to be pulled over by a black police officer that has an ego regarding power and authority can also be the worst for a black person that is being pulled over as well. I recall the movie “Boyz In The Hood” and in the movie a black officer had a few young boys pulled over and treated them with the ultimate disrespect for an officer being in a position of power and authority and the young men were not doing anything but listening to the officer talk and treat them unruly for no reason. I do know for certain from most recent news media stories that if your black and pulled over by a white officer please do not run because if you actually run or attemp to run while unarmed may be the cause of ones own death. I can not imagine what it would be like if it was not for “smartphones” to record the now numerous police brutality beatings of blacks and whites and killings of innocent people (mainly black) while in police custody.

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