A Man Of Resilience: Dr. Martin Luther King

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King

To say that Dr. Martin Luther King was a phenomenal human being with wisdom and clarity as only God can give may not be enough. I was not born during the time Dr. Martin Luther King was alive but every time I listen to him speak it’s as if he yet still lives while many of his speeches are of relevancy to what is still happening today. One would be naive if believed that there was only love in the world we now live in although it’s nice to hear about the least expected stories of kindness. Earlier today, I heard a portion of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Good Smartian” speech and saw an intergraded video while the speech was playing of a white police officer being flagged down in a car by two black women that had a toddler that had stopped breathing. The police officer started CPR on the toddler and as they were waiting for an ambulance instantly decided that the ambulance may take too long so he drove the child in his police car to the nearest hospital while the black women followed him. The video gave a clear view of what Dr. Martin Luther King was explaining in his speech of a description of what is considered being a “Good Samaritan” from the one some would least likely expect due to the negative and true narrative of police brutality on blacks.

The life of Dr. Martin Luther King is a testament of faith in what is unseen but gives life especially with the many instances where his life could have been taken many times before. In fact, it was allegedly reported that he did not die of the gunshot wound while standing on the balcony at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennesee but his death was by someone that actually came to his hospital room after finding out that he was in stable or critical condition and suffocated him. Dr. Martin Luther King lived a life always confronted and surrounded by hate simply for taking a stance in what is just considered humane, but despite it all- he never gave up and always seemed to remain focused on the tasks and goals of civil rights and social justices. There is no doubt that Dr. Martin Luther King was a man with unforeseeable strength that gave him the endurance to keep going even when faced with the possibility of death. In this video recording, he talks about how he was stabbed and yet lived while still being grateful to be alive for a continued fight for basic civil and human rights. The life of Dr. Martin Luther King was unprecedented and not sure many others would have endured telling of the momentums gained for fighting injustices due to the many adversaries during that time, he was a sure demonstration of activism with remarkable resilience many times while even in the face of death.

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