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Trevor Noah’s Real Talk On The Capital Riot

On January 6, the United States capital became under attack in a way that was never seen before. The attack was like a big festering skin boil that popped and began to ooze out its liquid in the form of an infection. The infectious liquid killed several people and injured many others as it tried to make its way for a planned takeover that could have easily taken out several more healthy individuals simply doing their job.

In the Dave Chappell video, he speaks on the contrast of Kapernick taking a peaceful knee to protest and how the planned capital rioters used an American flag to beat police officers trying to stop security from breaching violent protesting. Don Lemon gives a clear picture of when the true actual racist blister started and he tells of what is needed in addressing the root of an infectious spread concerning black and brown people. If the root of any problem is overlooked and swept under the rug as if it doesn’t and never existed the problem will only worsen as if it is normal, the same reason America is still having the same issues and problems in 2021 from when the country was first integrated by colonists hundreds of years ago. The need to feel superior by some is a big part of the problem in a world pushing for growth and positive change. The people that were once considered minorities (so-called) are now the majority and that has become a hard pill to swallow to the point that some rather believe a lie than understanding, living with, and accepting the truth that times have changed and inevitably will continue to change. We heard an anchor on CNN reflect that the blistering skin infection that popped in the form of a capital riot was about built-up anger over a lie concerning a stolen election when actually the anger was more like a grown cancer and unfortunately these are generational beliefs that are rooted in festering hate yet mistaken for patriotism. The video footage of what some considered a civil war or the insurrection of 2021 on the capital was unbelievable to watch as violence, destruction, and disorganization were attempting to take over. In one of the videos, one of the rioters that were roaming around with others in a sacred place that congress has meetings and place votes yelled “We are acting a fool!” and appeared to honestly express what was happening as funny with ramshackle desks and taking selfies. The Trevor Noah video explains what happened on capitol hill stating “Please miss me with that BS” because many know that things would have been very different if these were black and brown individuals doing the same thing. Many feel and believe that the judicial system is not the same for blacks as it is for whites simply because of racism and the old mindsets that choose to keep a superficial inflated idea going of white superiority aligned with what is known as white privilege, thankfully there is a black and white majority that will never agree with what happened on capitol hill. It is also hard to believe that the entire rioting to overturn the congress plan was supported by people with professional positions and workers within the capital as if the enemy was from within. To add insult to the injury-former President Donald Trump was not held accountable for adding fuel to the fire of his supporters that were bamboozled to believed the election was stolen.

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