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Black Love Matters

Love is a beautiful thing when two people take their imperfections and mix them with a commitment for loyalty and trust. Relationships have changed so much when it comes to people interacting and coming together for love or marriage. If one is not upfront and honest about who they are and what they are looking for, one can find themselves in a horrible situation they wish they were not in or never was part of. Daddy “O’ and I take marriage seriously and what works in one person’s marriage may not necessarily work in another person’s marriage. Our marriage is and has not always been roses and still by choice we work on it together. It may sound like we brag about our marital relationship but if you knew of the blueprint from our parents, some would say yall should because black love ( no negation of all other true love that is found) matter but the fact is that we are grateful for true love found. I have once mentioned how we are always together even when just going for a drive or to the store- but we do it together and not many understand it-but we love being together and some may think that I just go nowhere without Daddy “O”. I honestly know that there is nothing Daddy “O” would not do for me and I have demonstrated to not be like most typical women. Today it seems people have less tolerance for many things when it comes to relationships or marriages and will be quick to cut it off and head for the “D”. Embracing our uniqueness is what bonds us together while looking at the value each other holds but it does not mean we are without flaws. An expectation to be a perfect person in a marriage or relationship is not realistic. Qualities are some of the best things to have and look for when viewing prospects for a committed, loyal, trustworthy relationship or marriage and unfortunately, those things are not always embraced with high value. Honestly speaking, our relationship with God has been the pillar of our solid marriage and we would tell anyone that is the key. If something is done or said that either one of us may not like or find to be hurtful, we now can come to a place to correct ourselves because we love us and we do want our marriage. You can never knock a person for trying and wanting to give their all in a marriage or relationship if they are serious about wanting it to work-but never forget that it always takes two in building a strong foundational solid marriage.

A Conversation With Lady “K” and Daddy “O”

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