Real Dating Issues For Modern Black Women

It has been stated that there are ten women to every man. Many women particularly black women have complained about there being no good black men available. More white women seem to have dating issues too but I am not sure if they are quite the same as black women. If you ask a few heterosexual black women what they think about the whereabouts of good black men some may say they believe that many of today’s black men are either gay, in jail, or already taken. I like to always give the benefit of the doubt by stating that there are plenty of good men available but that may get the squint eye from a single woman hearing that comment from another woman that is already happily married. Also, have anyone else noticed that there seem to be more black women dating outside of their race like never before? We will not say that white women are not having these same issues when it comes to dating too. So what are some of the issues that single black women are facing when it comes to dating black men? Yes, there are educated professionals, blue-collar and I will find a way to get the money black men but what are the simple common issues that today’s regular modern black women are facing in dating when it comes to black men? In this recording Daddy “O” and I speak with a woman in her mid-forties and she speaks about a real issue that she and many other women in her age bracket face when dating some black men. I hope you can appreciate that most of our recordings are done live and at the moment but the topics and issues are informative. Daddy “O” and I try to be as natural as possible when conversating about current events or topics with real people. If you are reading this article please leave any comments pertaining to any dating issues that you may. If you have any other general issues that you would like us to respond to, you can reach us at

A Conversation With Lady “K” and Daddy “O”

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