A Stereotype That Leads To Death

This article and viewpoint are in dedication to Ahmaud Arbery family for getting the justice they deserve:

October 18, 2021- will start the trial in the death of Ahmad Arbery. I Lady “K” remember actually seeing the video on social media once it first aired and my stomach immediately went into a tight knot and jerked as if I was suddenly hit once the gun in the video went off killing Ahmaud Arbery. I posted the video on my social media timeline and recall the outrage from many people. It appears that this was simply a vigilante move for a citizen’s arrest gone wrong. I found myself speaking up to one individual that actually looked like myself with her seeming to take a position of defense for what happened to Ahmad by stating “If he was jogging why did he have on khakis and what was he doing in a house that was under construction?” as if no one can wear Khasis jogging or go into a construction building out of curiosity while black because it is suspicious. I also recall one individual on social media reacting the same scenario while jogging with a plasma television on his shoulder in possibly the same residential or a different residential neighborhood with no one ever questioning what he was doing or where he was going with a plasma television on his shoulder while being white. Many stereotypes come from what many have embedded in their mind on images they have seen or heard when it comes to a group of people. When you see a black boy running, it does not mean he has done something bad. I once watched a documentary by Chelsea Handler called “Hello Privialge-Its Me Chelsea” and she talked about how she would go into the grocery store and walk out the store with a grocery cart full of food and no one would ever say anything. In this case with the killing of Ahmad Arbery, it took seventy-four days ( two months and two weeks due to the father receiving privilege for once working for the assigned prosecutor at that time in this case) for officials to actually arrest the father and son accused of killing Ahmad, and if it was not for the video not many possibly would have known on a national level of what actually happened to Ahmad Arbery. This case has been considered a “modern-day lynching” with a young man being stereotyped and killed for simply jogging while being black.

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