I Am White And Disgusted Too

Speaking the truth does not make one a racist, shinning the light on truth does not make one a racist. Lady “K” says things many people would like to say but can not say although they may think it. I have respect for those that have respect for me. It is not a perfect world and there are blacks that dislike white people as there are whites that do not like blacks. I overall do not approve of racism by blacks, whites, or any other group that may think of themselves to be superior or better. Many blacks can appreciate when white individuals respect, support, speak up, and stand up for injustices that affect black and brown people. Black people are not the only people outraged by racism tactics done by others that do not look like them. More white people have come forth like never before to support anti-racism. Some people think that racism does not exist including some black people. Lady “K” is a person that will admit her bias towards black people but I will never miss treat anybody and think that it is okay and all good. We know that some whites people have no problem with being racist, but when a black person starts speaking undeniable truth about racism then they are deemed at having a “bad attitude” towards white people. The “Real Life Real Truth” platform is interested in having conversations surrounding the different aspects of racism but it is not only black or brown people that are outraged at a system designed to support racism against black and brown people. We as black and brown people can respect those that choose to respect us and fight with us as our allies. Be thankful for the allies. Please express your sentiments on racism in the comments below:

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