A Real Glimpse: Kamala Devi Harris

With Lady “K” And Daddy “O”

This conversation is about Kamala Devi Harris. With so many claiming that she is not Black, Native American but who would say that she does not have an African blood mix with whatever else that would make you Indian (Dravidian) while being raised by immigrants from India and Jamaica. Black and brown people are melanated people that share a rich bloodline and it seems to be something that not everyone agrees upon to be considered black. Looking into what is meant by the term Indian nationality, I found that if one of your parents has citizenship in India at the time of your birth, then you are considered an Indian. Kamala was born in Oakland, California, and is considered to be a natural-born U.S. citizen but Kamala Harris’s parents were both immigrant students at the time of her birth and not U.S. citizens, some are claiming that because her parents were not U.S citizens at the time of her birth that she technically is not a U.S. citizen. Kamala Harris is a descendant of Indian slave owners that enslaved others with melanated skin. I have previously posted that not all melanated skin people actually lived and directly came from Africa to America. So many think and was taught that all black or brown people came on slave boats from Africa, which is farthest from the truth. Kamala Harris attended an HBCU and is part of a well-known sister sorority. Kamala fought for desegregation busing for other ethnicities to attend schools that were all white and remembered that she was once one of the kids affected by desegregation busing. Kamala Harris is considered to be the first woman of color to run for Vice President and most brown girls are excited to see someone with her skin tone to win the nomination of the vice presidency. Kamala has had several things that many have not found favorable from her past working as a prosecutor in California.

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