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Daddy “O” and I are always happy when our children decide they want to spend some time just being together especially when they are teenagers. Family movie night this past week for us was the visual musical film “Black Is King” by Beyonce’. The movie celebrates the spirit of a continent through music. Beyonce’ gave respect to the spirit of Africa where many including herself have ancestry and are of descent. It appears that Beyonce has been on an African quest tribute for the past several years since the making of “Lion King”. In the film “Black Is King” Beyonce’ used her crafted creativeness for music and visual arts to celebrate the many that are of a melanin skin tone and a bloodline tied to Africa. In this trailer, Beyonce’ states “to live without reflection for so long may make you wonder if you truly exist”- I think Beyonce’ wanted to show the called African American people a pride from where they came and she did with elegance and respect. Many Africans accused Beyonce’ of appropriation as if she and many other African American people are not apart of their African heritage. I also listen to complaints about Beyonce’ wearing the Het-Heru Hathor horns ( I honestly did not know what the symbol was either) and some African Americans were calling it demonic not knowing that the symbol is a representation of being a mother warrior goddess. African Americans sometimes have no clue about the details that represent their history or where they came and if there is no reflection of your ancestral history how would you ever know from where you came. There is an ancestral bloodline that trace most melanin people to Africa (Indians being noted as “Black” already in America before the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus is another untold true historical story). Beyonce’s efforts to elevate the African heritage bloodline should be praised and not ridiculed or demised. Sometimes people will ridicule what they do not understand instead of trying to understand and make a connection especially if the entire motive or point is to uplift a people that were removed from a place that was once called home. I applaud Beyonce” and I think she is a firm believer in loving, supporting, and respecting the African descendant melanin people and our bloodline but unfortunately not everyone does including our own. In all the glorious efforts and of Beyonce’ from the “Lion King” movie to “Black Is King” in uplifting a continent of people from where many have come; the ancestors may definitely be smiling and not frowning at her from the spiritual realm in the making of the “Black Is King” visual musical movie.

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