Blacks and Whites Displays Rich In Spirit

It really does not take much to show strangers kindness and the best part of this video is the fact that the random acts of kindness are from black and white people towards one another. I often wonder what would a world look like where people never operate from a place of skin color. Many of us are aware that skin color is a social construct created a long time ago to divide, categorize, and separate people but not everyone always operates from that real place of understanding. There are entirely too many images that negatively impact mental thinking and attitudes when it comes to many not looking like one another. Most times white people are looked at as being the only racist people that live as if no other race can be bias or racist. I have honestly admitted that I can be biased toward people that look like myself and for anyone to say that they have never been biased towards people that look like them is unbelievable. One of the reasons I decided to upload and post this kindness video is because it shows what it means to be a person that can actually look past skin tone to actually help someone in need. To be racist is to be hateful and I am not sure if a person can be hateful and yet still help someone in need. I also wonder if they are levels of being a racist or hateful person. Can you dislike certain people and yet still help them? I have heard people say before that they have black friends and I have had black people to my house so how can I be a racist, this is where I wonder if there are levels to being a racist. Some know that there is a difference between being a racist and a supremacist. An individual can be racist and not be a supremacist. Some say black people can not be racist due to no real power economically to disadvantage a group of people but I find that black people can be just as hateful and segregated towards white people via conversations, statements, and actions which has nothing to do with economic power or control. The images above show examples of what it means to be rich in spirit regardless of what the person may look like and wouldn’t we all benefit if more people would act as such. What kind of racism have you experienced as a person and can someone be a kind person yet still a racist?

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