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Thank you for tuning into the “Real Life Real Truth” website with Lady “K” And Daddy “O”. We are excited about our new venture in expressing our views and other perspectives from real life experiences, topics, subjects and current events. Although, this website is a small step into a bigger direction, we are excited about our need to start right here. We have a love for music and the idea of incorporating music (with permission) within our website is everything to us and we hope you enjoy it. The many things we talk about or share within this website may or may not be agreed upon. We also understand that what we share with our messages or discussions can also be a shared view or perspective to many. Most importantly we hope that whomever visit our website and tune into our messages will gain a different view from the discussion or information given. With our website, if you have gained some knowledge or begin to see things in a different light than what you have before then our job is done. In order to grow in life one must be able to get out of their comfort zones and see or experience things differently. Being able to learn from one another can make us all better human beings and the “Real Life Real Truth” message, discussion platform will challenge anyone to do just that when looking from a different perspective.

Leave your comments and email us with all your questions or concerns to: realliferealtruth4me@gmail.com

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Lady “K” and Daddy “O”

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