To Find Out That The Preacher Is Not Who You Thought He Was

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From a Christian church perspective Daddy “O” and Lady “K” look at a real topic and share in a conversation of an issue that many members may be up against today when it comes to the position of a preacher or minister.

There can be many reasons that people go to church even though one would think that the main reason is for their belief in God. Over the many years, while attending church, I have seen and learned that there were more chaos and issues going on in the church with some trying to camouflage the issues for the church building being a holy place for worship. The television show “Green Leaf” gives one a glimpse into what possibly and actually goes on behind the scenes of many churches and it’s not only black churches. Many churches have issues that may leave one wondering exactly why am I here. When one goes to church for honest reasons and to find out that what is going on in the church may not be any different than what is happening outside the church can leave many hurt and discouraged if their faith and belief were not already strengthened. Daddy “O” and I, Lady “K” are no longer religious people. We have our foundational beliefs but have found that being religious is not greater than being spiritual and we tend to stay away from those that use religion as a weapon to possibly pass judgment while it having nothing to do with God. When a person is in the position of a church their life is expected to live up to that position no matter their life circumstances or issue but for some that can be an unrealistic expectation while living a life as a human being. It is important to know that just because a person is within a position of the church it does not mean that their life may not be without issues or flaws. One trying to act as if they are flawless for expectation purposes can be a set up for failure while members may be expecting nothing but perfection even when God knows they are human. In this recorded message, Daddy “O” and I discuss why people can have a hard time attending church today due to expectations ( not feeling good enough) and from what may actually be going on in the church. One can possibly humbly gain the respect of those outside of the church by admitting that they have flaws just like everyone else. Religion is not the same as Spirituality. Spirituality is about having a real relationship with the creator while understanding a set of principles and Religion appears to be a set of rules monitored by doctrine, judgment, and expectations. The only way a person can change or become “saved” is by a continued personal relationship with God almighty and the creator themselves for a continued pressing in being a better individual and it is from the heart. Jesus was a way-shower according to the teachings of the bible and the spiritual connection he had with God demonstrated a way to have a personal relationship. Most times the position of a minister is to teach and lead those to have a relationship with Christ but it never means that the individual may never have any personal issues or circumstances of their own. Many that call themselves “Christians” do not always live up to the expected word but will possibly bat an eye in judgment if someone else is not following what they may consider the religious rules. We are all spiritual beings living a human experience and the sooner that many of us understand the importance of spirituality over religion the better one may understand that “we have all fallen short of the glory” not some, not few but all, and many can feel better with not having to live up to the expectations of man but be confident in their spiritual relationship with God.

A Perspective with Lady “K” and Daddy “O”

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