What Does It Mean: Passing Judgement

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Daddy “O” and I believe in talking about our real-life experiences with hopes that our life experiences can give insight and possibly help someone else. A few years ago, Daddy “O” once came to a crossroads in his life where he had to make a decision on people’s perspectives towards him and us as a couple early on in our marriage. There was a lot that I, Lady “K” was not aware of and did not know because Daddy “O” chose to protect my emotions and shield me from an entire community as his new wife. Daddy “O” felt judged, shunned, and humiliated during this time of his life when many did not know his story. The experience changed our interaction with others along with Daddy’s “O” view of himself and us as a married couple while living in this small town. As bloggers, Daddy “O” and I, Lady “K” have decided to share conversations on topics by giving our personal view or perspective, and it’s important that it comes from a place of truth. This is not an attack on anyone particularly and most times one may associate judgment with the religious community but we are going to give our personal views in regards to how “prejudice” is used in the same way. To pass judgment can mean one has a preconceived opinion or notion about someone without knowing anything about the person. Another way to pass judgment on someone is just by assuming certain things about a person without knowing their truth. Ex: someone tells you something about another person that may be negative but it does not mean that it’s true but one may choose to believe it without knowing the story or the facts for themselves. Also, many know from the Real Life Real Truth platform that I, Lady “K” have specifically called out issues of racism and it’s no secret that I do have a love for black and brown people but it does not mean I do not like or love white people too. I love to look at different perspectives and share them. I have a disliking for anything that may appear to be racist rather if your black, brown, or white people, and I do not consider that passing judgment. I understand that hate towards anyone is just not acceptable to me and some would say “well that’s your opinion” and it is. I have stood up against what may be racist or reek racism no matter who you are and if anyone considers addressing racism as “passing judgment” then that is one’s opinion. We are all are entitled to our own opinion and sometimes what any of us think does not always matter when the true definition of passing judgment is involved other times it can be hurtful with or without knowing the facts. “Real Life Real Truth” topics and issues, for there is nothing like real perspectives and real conversations that truly may be different than your own.

A Conversation With Lady “K” and Daddy “O”

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