Administration: Out With The Old And In With The New

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It’s a new day and a new administration within the United States government. We can always look to the highest and hope for the best in the midst of past truths about those that are now in the position of power. I read an article recently about how God put people in positions of power to ultimately carry out a will that is for the best benefit of his people. I understand that with various religions many believe they are the chosen ones and no Real Life Real Truth is not a religious platform but if and when needed the platform will speak from an opinionated religious or spiritual truth aspect. One might ask well who are God’s people or who is it that is most spoken about from the Christianity perspective? In my opinion and from what I understand according to most Christianity views, God has always stood for low socioeconomic, underserved, and the vulnerable while they may live amongst evil. Spirituality has become a major component of the life of myself Lady “K” and Daddy “O” because in today’s time we find that it is not something that one can ignore and live without. In this brief conversational recording Daddy “O” and I acknowledge the exit of one president’s administration while welcoming a new and different administration. Many feel and believe Trump further supported the divisiveness within the United States equivalent to being back in the sixties and the country was not at rest or peace during his time in the office especially after the insurrection and riot attack on capitol hill. The song “My Way” by Frank Sinatra was chosen because for the past few weeks Trump has done things his way without conceding his presidential loss to the now and new president Joe Biden. Also, the song “My Way” by Frank Sinatra played the day of the new president’s inauguration as Trump and his wife Melania ( Melania gave a simple beautiful farewell to the American people in this recording) walked to board the presidential Air Force One plane for the last time to take them to Florida. Finally, it appeared as if nothing could stop or get in the way of elect President Joe Bidden or Vice President Kamala Harris. On the night of the inauguration and after the official transfer of administrations; Daddy “O” and I noticed the difference within the atmosphere along with the peace and stillness that was felt transferring from one presidential administration and into a new one and two days later the difference can still be felt from the new presidential administration as they are now busy working on a new agenda to hopefully only better affect millions of Americans. I am a believer that whoever is in an office of an administration especially a presidential administration sets the tone, spirit, and vibe for an organization and or a country. Not many may be ecstatic about this new administration due to previous affiliations but some will say that it is certainly better than the many negative issues created by the last administration and what a difference one can feel in the transferring between both administrations already.

Conversations With Lady “K” and Daddy “O”

The Goodbye” andThe Change”

The Diva Battle” and “Keep It Moving While Aware

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