A Stereotype That Leads To Death

This article and viewpoint are in dedication to Ahmaud Arbery family for getting the justice they deserve: October 18, 2021- will start the trial in the death of Ahmad Arbery. I Lady “K” remember actually seeing the video on social media once it first aired and my stomach immediately went into a tight knot and […]

An Interesting View On Racism, Xenophobia, And Gentrification Via Music

Xenophobia: Definition, Symptoms, Traits, Causes, Treatment https://www.verywellmind.com/xenophobia-fear-of-strangers-2671881 Gentrification Explained | Urban Displacement Project https://www.urbandisplacement.org Theme Message Music-A Tribe Called Quest: We The People Greetings! It is nice to be back to blog about different topics as real-life subjects hit or move me to do such, awareness with exposure is a different kind of “support” for […]

Waiting On The World To Change

From 1619 thru 2021 (17th Century to the 21st Century) A Peaceful Protest Real Life Real Truth Theme Message Music: John Mayer “Waiting On The World To Change” Today officially starts another trial in the death of an unarmed black person with the hope that justice will be served. In 2020 there were three people […]

Let The Truth Be Told

Real Life Real Truth Theme Message Music–Andra Day: “Rise Up” The Real Life Real Truth website is a blog and many times bloggers provide an opinionated view of a topic for a conversation and discussion (please provide your comments below) and one of the things that this blog has talked about and stood against is […]

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